Why I Write…

I write
And essays

As a young adult,
I have won awards
For my poems

My family and friends,
Recognized my talent as a writer
But I still don’t know why I write

In the past
I wrote
Not for recognition
But to express myself

I felt like l had a lot to say
About my families
My past
Haiti and the United States
And my connection to God

I write
And maybe it’s god’s way of showing me my purpose
My purpose to explore life
Through the lens of my mind’s imagination

Maybe it’s God’s way of showing me that I have a voice
Since, during the first eight years of my life I didn’t have one
Having a voice, makes you want to seek the truth
The truth about how and why you were created

I write
And essays

That’s good enough for me
Because, at the end there are many reasons to
Why I write…

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