I am born
Born into a foreign world
Not knowing where this world will lead me to

I am born
I am small like a baby royal palm
Few years later
I am bigger like a Hibiscus flower

I am born
In a mountainous country
Who had to fight for their freedom
Years before I was born

I am foreign to speaking English
Instead I am fluent in Kreyol

I am born
In what I call
But with a strong since of nationalism
Instill in me at a young age

I am born
I am named the sea of bitterness and sorrow
Which is why God is my judge

I am born
I live among rose bushes
With a brown complexion
That makes me stand out in the church valley
That becomes my home eight years later
From the time I was born

I am born
I am sent to an orphanage
When I am just starting to make my way up in soccer
And where my future
Has been decided for me

I am born

Hope you liked the poem. Please comment and share your thoughts. Maybe share what was your favorite line; what you liked; and what you didn’t like. Thanks.


2 thoughts on “Born

  1. I loved this .I felt sad when you said when you were sent to the orphanage ,your future was decided. I believe you are a very talented young woman that has a gift for writing


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